Top 10 Summer Holidays For Teens

Swimming pool at the Ritz Carlton

Top 10 Summer Holidays Let’s fast forward a bit to the holidays. Are you looking to take your teens on a trip to escape the hustle and bustle of holiday traffic and shopping? I know … Read more

What grade range is normal?

Father looking over his teenage sons grades.

Sometimes the smallest detail could be the difference between an A and a C, so it’s no wonder teenagers have lost interest in school over the years. However, while the graduation rate has drastically decreased … Read more

Does my teenager have ADD/ADHD?

A woman with a clipboard asking a teenager some questions.

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Good Study Habits for Teenagers

Four teenagers pouring over the books.

How Do I Create Better Study Habits for My Teenager? A lot of parents want to have Einstein as their kid. They forget that Einstein had educational struggles as a teenager as well. His Dad … Read more