Teenager Eating Habits

3 teen lads eating burgers

Have your teenager’s eating habits changed? This is very normal since children’s eating habits tend to change when they get to puberty. Teenagers love to experiment with food, but they don’t often make healthy choices. … Read more

Effects of Steroids on Teenagers

Syringes and Pills

Is My Teenager On Steroids? Guys are just as obsessed with their body image as girls! Do you suspect your teenager could be on steroids? This is a very important subject for me because there … Read more

Stages of Puberty in Girls

Stages of puberty in girls

Just when you think you have this whole mom thing down, you’re thrown a giant curve ball. I’m talking about puberty. If you’re like me, you have questions about the joys of puberty, like What … Read more

5 Stages of Puberty: Boys

Puberty Stages

Puberty: Just the thought of it can leave parents shaking in their boots. I know that it can be hard to think about your boy going through those changes, but you’ll feel better if you … Read more

Facts & Stats Of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenager talking statistics and pregnancy.

When your kids enter their teen years, it’s an exciting milestone in their lives–and in your life as a parent. Exciting as it may be, the adolescent years also bring more than a few worries, … Read more