Teenagers and their body images

Teenage girl giving the OK sign

How can I tell if my teenager has a healthy body image? Seriously, how can you confront the issue of teenager body image? These days, teenagers face a variety of unprecedented pressures that we as … Read more

Nutritional Needs of a Teenager

Teenage girl holding a slice of kiwi fruit to her eye.

What kind of nutrition is best for teenagers? Sometimes, it seems like teens want to eat all of the wrong foods, but none of the right ones. Thankfully, parents have a lot of influence over … Read more

Puberty 101 For Parents

Teenager looking into camera.

How do I talk to my teenager about puberty? What is it about teenagers and puberty? They go through changes. They begin to notice people of their preferred gender. They also start to grow hair … Read more

Sleep Deprivation In Teens

Girl sleeping with her head on a white pillow.

How Much Sleep Do Teens Need? Let me take a wild guess, you have already been in bed for hours before you are woken up by the sounds of your teenager heading up to bed. … Read more

Normal Weight for Teenagers

Teenager eating a foot-long sandwich

Is my teenager’s weight normal? As if moms didn’t have enough to worry about, eventually your teenagers’ weight will hit your anxiety radar. While we don’t want to body shame our kids, their habits as … Read more

Is My Teenager Bipolar?

Teenage girl inspecting herself in the mirror.

The same excitable, invincible teen that rambled on for hours from one subject to the next now wants to be left alone and picks over their food. Their nerves seem to be more on edge … Read more